Thursday, December 4, 2008

Khumbhalgarh - Rajasthan

Located to the south of Jaipur and about 105Km from Udaipur is Kumbhalgarh. The city is cradled in the cluster of thirteen mountain peaks of the Aravalli ranges and the formidable medieval citadel-Kumbhalgarh stands a wary sentinel to the past glory.Kumbhalgarh is famous for the Kumbhalgarh Fort which was built and designed by Maharana Kumbha in the 15th century AD and is the second principal fort after Chittorgarh.Under Rana Kumbha's rule the kingdom of Mewar, which extended from Ranthambore to Gwalior, was defended by 84 fortresses. 32 of these fortresses were built and designed by Rana Kumbha and the most famous was the Kumbhalgarh Fort . Kumbhalgarh stands on the site of an ancient citadel dating back to the 2nd century AD belonging to a Jain descendant of India's Mauryan Emperors.Kumbhalgarh, hold a heroic past having sheltered the heir of Mewar throne in times of danger. It was here that the baby prince of Mewar was hidden from an assassin. It is an isolated and fascinating place, built by Maharana Khumbha in the 15th century. Because of its inaccessibility - at1100m on top of the Aravalli Range - it was taken only once in history. Even then, it took the combined armies of the Mughal emperor Akbar, and of Amber and Marwar to breach its defenses.


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